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Lightning Cans Headphones for New iPhone.

Lightning Cans Headphones for New iPhone.

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The Q Adapt comes in both the traditional looking Lightning Cans over-ear form and the more commuter-friendly ear bud form. Both are equally aesthetically pleasing. The on-ear model is a bit bigger, looks more comfortable for long listening sessions, and comes with a slightly higher price tag than the ear bud model which looks like THE perfect travel companion for any new iPhone user. From a dedicated app you can adjust the active noise cancellation properties and find tune your sound like very few other headphones can do.

Any downsides? Well, they don’t have the heftiest of bass, so if you’re a big hip-hop fan they might not fully satisfy, however for the train ride to work or at the gym where you might want to drown out background noise, you can’t beat the active noise cancellation.

As their name denotes, the 1More Triple Drivers actually have 3 separate drivers inside (most headphones have you guessed it, just one driver). With different drivers handling different sounds, the 1Mores easily hammer out solid bass without distorting the mids or high trebles

To further enhance Lightning Cans high-end each bud contains 2 armatures, which are in essence mini tweeters that take the work load of producing satisfying mids and crystal high response

The 3rd driver, the dynamic driver backs everything up with deeper mids and rumbly bass. These badboys are fully MFi certified as well, have a built in DAC (that’s “digital-analog converter) producing true HiRes audio all via a kevlar reenforced lightning cable.

Philips is a massive player in consumer audio and they were truly ahead of the curve with their lightning-terminated Fidelio’s.

If Libratone’s Bluetooth cans aren’t for you then you will want to consider the Fidelio M2Ls as they are not Bluetooth and instead utilized a lightning cable that plugs directly into your Apple device.

With a built in DAC and amplifier they take full advantage of the lightning connector’s ability to transmit both data (the music itself) as well as power (electricity) to produce some of the best sounding headphones at an attainable price point.

Featuring a closed back (for minimal sound leakage) as well as Philips proprietary Bass Reflex System (BRS) these are great all-around performers for the dicerning Apple user.

With a frequency range of 7025,000Hz these have one of the broadest response ranges in the list here, running 107db of sensitivity with less than .1% distortion (THD) Philips engineering experience really shines through in this classy yet understated set of cans

The Use of Drones in Photography

The Use of Drones in Photography

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Drones are being extensively used in the field of photography. It started as a hobby, but recently it has taken a professional turn. A drone is an amazing tool that can help capture breathtaking aerial shots that were unimaginable before. You might have seen stunning aerial shots of landscapes like mountains, rivers, deserts and fields in movies. A helicopter is usually used for filming such images in the movie business and a large crew is present to assist the camera person. However, in real life it is almost impossible to arrange for a helicopter. Even if you have the finances available to you to arrange for a helicopter, you would require a pilot to fly the helicopter so that you can take photos. So, if you want to indulge in aerial photography without having to spend a fortune over it, then drones are your best option. Drones come in various varieties. You can choose the one most suited to your photography needs quite easily. There are some models that can be bought for less than $100 such as the Blade Nano QX

This model is ideal for beginners and budding photographers who have just started using drones for photography purposes at

There is always a possibility that the drone will crash while you are learning to fly it, so it is better to buy a cheaper version first. Photographers who are well-versed in piloting a drone by themselves can opt to buy more advanced drones that have the capability of carrying a larger camera. Some of the most popular models of drones that are currently being used for commercial photography include the DJI Phantom series. If you are confident about your drone flying skills then you can even go for the Iris by 3D Robotics. These drones may cost you around $800, but they are worth the cost. The quality of photos that you get from these drones is amazing. There are other drones that come with an attached Go Pro camera such as DJI Phantom 2 but the cost is double of what you will pay for the ones mentioned above. Do keep in mind that better the camera you have on your drone, the higher the quality of pictures and videos you will be able to shoot. The camera is the most important piece of equipment when you are interested in clicking great shots with the help of your drone. A crucial factor in the selection of the camera is its weight. The best camera in the market at the moment is the GoPro Hero3 Black edition which weighs a mere 73 grams and can give you high quality photos and videos. This camera has built-in Wi-Fi and is compatible with OEM and third party accessories at