Features of the Remarkable dry erase board wall Whiteboard.

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A whiteboard is really a handy tool to possess in the workplace because it can help you communicate with co-workers and jot down notes during staff meetings. Among the best whiteboards you can buy right now may be the Quartet Prestige Total Erase Whiteboard. The product has some good special features that make it simple to use and it’s available in a variety of sizes so you’re likely to locate one that’s just right for your workplace. Let’s check out the terrific features of this dry erase board wall.

An excellent surface: A Remarkable dry-erase board is only as good as its surface which product’s surface is first-rate. It features a patented Total Erase surface that erases cleanly every time you utilize it. It is completely resistant to ghosting and staining, and also you can’t scratch or dent it either.

It’s the perfect surface for frequent use and it’ll clean easily if you use Remarkable dry erase board wall.

Better writing. Among the challenges in using a chalkboard or dry-erase board is writing neatly. It’s very common for one’s handwriting to start trailing down and up when utilizing one of these simple surfaces, particularly if you have been writing a great deal. With this particular board, your writing is going to be perfectly aligned because the surface has a grid pattern printed on it.

Convenient storage: Each one of these whiteboards includes storage tray in which you can stash your markers and erasers. It attaches towards the bottom of the board for simple access so you may never need to hunt for your markers and erasers again.

Pick your size. The product is available in several different sizes so that you can use it regardless of how little – or how much – wall space you have dry erase board wall.

Great looks: This is one of the most attractive whiteboards you can purchase. It appears very modern and it has a stylish aluminum frame which has a titanium finish.

Easy installation: These whiteboards are simple to install, even though you haven’t tried it before. They all have a large part cap mounting system that attaches the board to the wall in four places, ensuring that your board will be installed accurately the first time.

Comes with everything you need. This Remarkable whiteboard includes all you need to begin to use it together with a Quartet dry-erase marker and Quick Clips that can be used to secure documents to the board.